Campaign Expectations and House Rulings

Degrees of Success: All die rolls failing within 1 of the target DC will be re-rolled (for good or ill of the PC’s).

Defense Rolls: All attacks upon player characters will be resolved by said character’s player rolling a d20 and adding the appropriate defensive modifiers.

Initiative: “One Roll to Rule them All” at beginning of combat then played in order till ending unless tactics such as delay or readying are utilized.

Experience Bonuses: Player’s have available to them the roles of Cartographer (assisted by DM), Registrar (Names, Dates, Places, Notes and etc.), Master Looter (Tabulates and distributes Loot), and Crowd Control (Keeps people on task). Any players filling these roles will receive a 10% experience bonus and if all roles are filled the party will net 15% bonus each. In addition, after each session I will set aside an additional 10% of the XP pool to be distributed as rewards for good roleplaying.

Sexual Dimorphism: In a nod to actual reality and my game’s more simulationist bent females of any particular humanoid species will have -2 to strength while enjoying a +2 bonus to constitution (excepting of course the single sex elves and dwarves).

Roll Miss Chance First in Situations: Because rolling a good hit and then being told, “Sorry the target’s concealment negates your attack.” is just plain darn depressing.

Skill List: That of the pathfinder roleplaying game (appropriate sheets will be provided).

Bonus Skill Points: 4 additional points at first level and 1 point for every level beyond that must be spent on a craft or profession skill to represent the character’s pre-adventuring activities.

Diseases Spread by Contact: For it is rather silly to have non-spreading disease if played RAW (Run-As-Written), now your skanky spelunking induced infections will be properly reviled.

Reducing Level Adjustment: Players of extraordinarily powerful races will be happy to know that at certain points in their adventuring careers they may opt to “pay down” the level adjustment they are saddled with that would otherwise lead to regret over xp deficiency as higher levels eclipse their racial features.

Complex Skill Checks and Skill Challenges: Two methods by which a protracted skill using scenarios may be modeled, either by subsequent checks to resolve different stages of a conundrum (Complex) or the more freeform skill challenge in which any applicable skill may be leveraged to overcome a problem (Skill Challenge) which allow any party member input into the action with efficacy determined beforehand by the DM.

Character Traits:

Character Flaws:

Massive Damage:

Action Points:

Metamagic Components:






Test Based Pre-Requisites:

Striking the Cover:


Damage to Specific Areas:

Weapon Equivalencies:

Instant Kill Criticals:

Skills with Alternate Prime Ability Scores:

Critical Sucesses and Failures:

Saves with Alternate Ability Scores:

Alternate Experience Progression:


Variant Disable Device Results:

Fractional Base Bonuses:

Recharging Magic Items:

No Spell Resistance against Energy Damage:

Enhancement Bonus to Touch Attacks:

Campaign Expectations and House Rulings

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